The Science and Environmental Journals for Postgraduates (SENJOp) is an International Journal published twice a year in June and December by Postgraduate School, Universitas Negeri Padang, supported by the Association Environmental Science Study Program (PEPSILI). The SENJOp welcomes authoritative, original, ably illustrated, and well-written manuscripts on any topic of science and environmental issues in the world. The Journal publishes Articles, Technical Notes, Rapid Communications, Opinion Papers, Comments/Responses, and Corrections. An editor first reviews the submitted manuscript. It will be evaluated in the office to determine whether it is suitable for our focus and scope or has a major methodological flaw. Every submitted manuscript which passes this step will be checked to identify any plagiarism before being reviewed by reviewers. This journal uses a double-blind review, The manuscript will be sent to the reviewer anonymously. Reviewers' comments are also sent anonymously to the corresponding author to take the necessary actions and responses. The decision of the revised manuscript will be evaluated in an editorial board meeting, based on the reviewer’s recommendation from among several possibilities: rejected, require major revision, need minor revision, or accepted. The Editor-in-Chief of the SENJOp has the right to decide which manuscripts submitted to the journal should be published. The SENJOp is bi-annually published by the Postgraduate School, Universitas Negeri Padang in June and December.


Current Issue

Vol 6 No 1 (2023): Science and Environmental Journals for Postgraduate (SENJOp)
Published: 2023-12-31


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