Transgender Adaptation Strategies to Community Social Construction in Padang City

  • Putri Lenggogeni Student Master (S2) Social Science Education, Postgraduate - Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Junaidi Indrawadi Department of Social Political Sciences, Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: transgender, society, social construction, padang


This research is a study of transgender people who carry out adaptation strategies to the social construction of
society in Padang City, by taking a case study in the West Padang location. This study describes a
transgender adaptation strategy that aims to 1) analyze the meaning of transgender people on their gender
identity; 2) analyze the social construction of the community towards transgender and 3) analyze the
transgender strategy in adapting to the social construction of the community. Withdrawal of informants is
done by purposive sampling. The method used by the author is descriptive qualitative. Data collection
techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation. The results showed that 1) the meaning of
transgender women for their gender identity: a) as a woman; b) wanting to look beautiful in the eyes of the
community; and c) not hiding as a transvestite. So the meaning for transgender is as a choice because they
want to be recognized for their existence, there is a sexual desire if they become a woman, inner satisfaction,
and pleasure in themselves; 2) gender social construction of transgender people is seen from: a) as people
who have deviant behavior; b) violating values and norms; c) amused, uncomfortable, uncomfortable with
transgender; d) fear of the impact of transgender on normal children, e) labeling transgender. This point
concludes that the existence of transgender in the community initially received social pressures that made
their mental patience tested, but over time slowly they (transgender) could be accepted well in society; 3)
transgender strategies in adapting to the community environment: a) interact well; b) adjust the appearance;
c) maintain attitudes and behavior. The strategy of transgender is to be able to interact in the environment by
associating and interacting with the community, besides that transgender also respect and uphold the values
of maintaining ethics, mutual respect, both among teenagers, children and parents, so that later good
relationships will be created.

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Lenggogeni, P., & Indrawadi, J. (2021). Transgender Adaptation Strategies to Community Social Construction in Padang City. Science and Environmental Journal for Postgraduate, 3(2), 1-4.

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